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colby|2014-1-21 7:56:29
The best price and service. Will come back again!
buppy|2014-1-21 7:55:17
I got my gold in less than 10 mins. Fast and safe!
David|2014-1-11 5:38:17
best service @ best prices A++++ will be back for more!
2chainzmoney|2014-1-9 0:54:59
Got my gold nice and fast great support and even better prices
honny|2013-12-7 7:58:27
It is a convinent place to buy the gold ,what is more,the services is pretty good

Old School Runescape Christmas Event 2007

Date:11/18/2013 09:39:47

All spookiness Halloween now look forward to what we want to do Christmas, and that it's time. We have already discussed the archiving and discovery Christmas activities from 2006, we can be close to the time of launch. Unfortunately, cheap rs 3 gold, we can not provide 2007 Christmas event to build our current archived.

2006 Christmas event Karamja volcano surrounded inherit some snow enraged creature called "Gublinches' who lived in the volcanic wall. They do not like cold weather, warm them in order to restore the volcano near Musa Childernapped children forcing them to stoke the furnace to warm volcanic caves. If something strange enough, in order to defeat Gublinches, you need to talk shanty claw ( who was festive werewolf ) who told you that you had to throw snow Gublinches, let they freeze in order to defeat them.

If you have collected their remains, you can trade them reindeer hat Wintumber trees incentives, such as the shanty claws. In this case, we will not only provide the original award, but each circulation Christmas holiday items, and assuming you do not have any non-tradable Christmas holiday reward everyone. These measures include the yo-yo, Santa hat, hats, scarves and marionette, Christmas runescape 2007 gold A twist, we do not give each party hat, but the launch of " Rainbow" party hat. To get this party hat, you will need to collect one of each partyhat, put it with scissors ( wow! ), And then re- assemble every one of each color to create six rainbow party hat. Rainbow party hat will circulate.

As a bonus twist, we will introduce anti- Santa Claus. Opposed to Christmas, Santa Claus is nasty snowball, want to destroy everything. In order to succeed you have to defeat the anti- Santa bombing and overwhelm his snowballs. After defeating him, you will receive a black Santa Claus hat. Black Santa's hat, like black Halloween mask, will be non-tradable. We pay attention to scheduling, will run against Santa Claus events.